Noteloop Help


You can add a video by tapping the + icon in the top menu bar.

You can remove a video by swiping left on the video in the video list and tapping the delete button. Removing a video from Noteloop will not delete the video file off your device, it will remain in your Photos or Files app.

Add Videos

Photo Library - Lets you select videos from your Photo Library.
Files - Lets you select videos from your Files app folders.

App Permissions

When adding videos for the first time from any location, you must give the app permission to access your media library, so it can obtain the correct song data and artwork.

When adding videos from your photo library for the first time, you must give the app permission to access your entire photo library.

Video Player Controls

Play - Play or pause the video
Time - View current time of the video. Seek to new time by moving the slider.
Section - Play specific section of the video. The first slider changes the section start time. The second slider changes the section end time. The video will stop playing once it reaches the end of the section.
Speed - Change the video playback speed by moving the slider. The arrow button beside the slider will reset the video to its original speed.
Loop - Play video again from the beginning once it has finished playing. If section is enabled, the video will start playing from the start of the section.
Mirror - Flip the video horizontally
Mute - Turn off the audio while the video is playing


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